Revenue collection officials should strive for efficiency and effectiveness by maintaining data pointing up the relationship between input and output. Revenue targets and standards provided a comparative basis for monitoring revenue collection activity. The Monitoring must not be left to chance and circumstance.

The findings of conclusions of these studies and more provide a solid base for attempts to attain an emerging and innovative product solution comprising of compact portable terminal called Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) that are ideal for applications involving electronic payment transactions with Magnetic Strip Card / Smart Card enabling both offline and online authorization methods backed by a highly sophisticated software designed by our professionals at GS Softcom.

Every revenue collector will come to the center on specific intervals and plug the MDT in the computer and deposit the cash collected from the shop with a recei pt of cash received. In turn the data immediately transmitted to Central Location through WEB/Internet. Only one day data is allowed to store in the center. Only Autorised persons are allowed to have access to previous data through WEB/Internet.

Our Company GS Softcom undertook a programmed training schedule for the collectors on the operations of the MDT and offered ample practical sessions to Revenue collectors to enchange their understanding and adaptability to the technology as the system was new to the local market environment.

eRevenue is currently running with successful implementation in Ghana, West Africa along with the local partners REVSOL Ghana Limited. Adavantages