* First Time in Africa we introduced RFID Tickets technology in BIG Sporting Event.
* High Security featured with maximum tamper proof technologies i.e, Hologram & UV Ink pringint for security
* Deatiled Ticket with Printed details of Seat postion in stadium + Sector no + Row no + Seat no *Integrated interconnected across four stadiums Touch Screen Information Kiosks.
* Crowd Management with Better Gate management of 1.4 million spectators.
* 40 Matches, 4 Stadiums in different cities
* Online monitoring of crowd movement with inter connected Turnstile gates

Africans surely love their football and every two years the continent is served with an oppotunity to see their stars honour national duties when they play in the Africa Cup of Nations and we ensured that their pride remained intact.

Our objective were to ensure the readiness & availability of tickets for sale in advance of with effective & efficient distribution so that revenue is maximized. To maintain the consistency of uniquenss, for the first time ever in Africa, having a proven tract record of being the most successful technology to combat counterfeiting/duplication, RFID code generators were used for identification and as the best fraud-preventive infallible seat of foolproof product security and authentication.

Our Team in Ghana & Iia both at the sites and as a back-end-support, were duly responsible to provide a ticketing and monitoring system for the 32 matches of this tournament for which we precisely designed iTcketing software. Thereby, we ensured that fans and supporters access the stadia with little human assistance and were easily able to find there seating arrangements. We monitored and managed the spectator numbers and inflow to the stadia. Beside, the systems was enabled to maximize collection of gate proceeds, eliminate the introduction of fake tickets and introduce electronic match tickets.

We have given our complete knowledge, experience and technological skills in interconnecting the turnstile gates to main server in the stadium with wireless networking connectivity. Also all the four stadiums server are interconnected to main server in the organising office. iTicketing Webbased module has enable to book, check the availability and even locate their seat virtually in stadium.