Khadi Tech

This is the first windows based software in Khadi sector developed on 1998. Khadi Tech is pioneer software with complete Barcode Technology solution for Khadi godowns and Khadi retail sales outlets.

  • Bar-coding System for entire products in the Sales Bhavan.
  • Billing System of the Retail Sales.
  • All the reports regarding retail sales. Daily Summary, Monthly Summary, Counterwise Sales etc..,
  • This software has a special option to take reports in Local Language.
  • Stock Statements - Counterwise, Ratewise, Partywise, Varietywise.
  • All rebate statement will be generated automatically.


  • Bar-coding system for entire products in the Sales Bhavan & Khadi Godown
  • Billing System of the Retail Sales
  • Partywise payments analysis depending on sales of the supplied stock
  • identification of Ageing Stock
  • Five level product code makes analysis of sales across Bhavans, stock analysis through graph
  • Consolidation of various Sales Bhavan & Stock Report at Head office


Revenue collection officials should strive for efficiency and effectiveness by maintaining data pointing up the relationship between input and output. Revenue targets and standards provided a comparative basis for monitoring revenue collection activity. The Monitoring must not be left to chance and circumstance.

  • The MDT Usage provides transparent operation as far as revenue collection is concerned.
  • Collector performance is monitored as it reveals start time and end time of collection.
  • It reveals minute by minute account of operations.
  • Entire operation is online therefore it has accessed from Central office in the capital on regular basis.

Africans surely love their football and every two years the continent is served with an oppotunity to see their stars honour national duties when they play in the Africa Cup of Nations and we ensured that their pride remained intact.

  • First Time in Africa we introduced RFID Tickets technology in BIG Sporting Event.
  • High Security featured with maximum tamper proof technologies i.e, Hologram & UV Ink pringint for security
  • Deatiled Ticket with Printed details of Seat postion in stadium + Sector no + Row no + Seat no
  • Crowd Management with Better Gate management of 1.4 million spectators.
  • 40 Matches, 4 Stadiums in different cities


  • Multi purpose ID Card for Artisans.
  • Recording of all details including Bank / Postoffice nominee etc.,
  • Transparent systems of Artisan payments.
  • Daily wages, AWF etc., Auto updating through entire chain of production.